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Cable Comb

Cable Comb
Cable Comb
  • Product Number: CCOMB

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The Cable Comb ™ substantially cuts labour time in any application where a multitude of single cables must be bundled neatly for a professional appearing installation. This innovative two piece tool enables installers to quickly and
efficiently straighten, organize, and lash single cables into multiple cable
bundles with ease.

Individual cables are loaded into the open slots of Cable Comb’s blue inner hub at any point within the run without the need to find and thread cable ends through closed holes. The yellow outer collar is mated to the blue inner hub after the cables are loaded into the slots. This prevents cable dislodgement from the tool until the outer collar is removed. Removal of individual or groups of cables for termination, direction changes, or sub bundles is easily accomplished by sliding the yellow outer collar back a few inches from the blue inner hub and removing the selected cables through the large opening in the collar. The two piece tool can then be mated again to continue the combing process.

The Cable Comb hub has been designed with 15 cable slots. Each slot will accommodate various types and quantities of category cable including most CAT 5E and CAT 6 cables.

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