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RJ45 Port Block Inserts

White RJ45 Port Block Inserts
White RJ45 Port Block Inserts
  • Product Number: WHRJ45TRI

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We have tackled the security risks of open ports with the RJ45 Port Block Inserts. A pateneted solution that secures from unauthorized port access and security breaches. These locks provide physical security and can be used to block unused ports in panels, jacks and switches!!


  • Two unique and proprietary locks and keys for unparalleled secuurity; foregoing the convential industry design of a "one size (or key) fits all"
  • Universal - fits all standard RJ45 (8p8c) sockets
  • Compact Design is suitable for all-density applications
  • Tamper Resistant Design secures against unauthorized port access
  • Easy-ID: Avaialable in two bright colours for easy identification, designating or reserving 
  • Installs fully recessed for decreased accessibility as an added deterrent (varies according to panel / jack manufacturer)
  • Red or White made from Polycarbonate