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Patchmate Testers

PATCHMATE Plugs (Pack of 24)
PATCHMATE Plugs (Pack of 24)
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PATCHMATE is an affordable handheld device that makes identifying and testing network cables fast and easy. With instant identification a massive reduction in the time taken to trace, identify and test is gained, saving time and money on the job. Unlike the laborious 'one at a time' method employed by current testers on the market, the revolutionary PATCHMATE Tester enables the user to deploy and unlimited number of PATCHMATE Plugs to reveal the instantaneous identification of its corresponding port at the patch panel, as well as simultaneously test each link. PATCHMATE can be used to trace lost cables, test continuity or do both at the same time.

Tracing Cables

Due to its compact nature and small form factor, the PATCHMATE Plug allows the user to insert an unlimited number of Plugs into the Patch Panel, fully populating them if necessary.

Continuity Testing

The PATCHMATE system allows the user to fully populate the Patch Panel with an unlimited number of PATCHMATE Plugs. Then, by taking the Master Unit to the location where the wall/floor outlets have been installed, each outlet can then be tested.

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