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Algar DTK Desktop Units

SPECIAL OFFER! 2 x Power & 2 x Data Desk unit with Rapid Charge
SPECIAL OFFER! 2 x Power & 2 x Data Desk unit with Rapid Charge
  • Product Number: DTK2P2DRC

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Multi Device Charging: Simultaneous rapid charging of iPads, Android tablets, iPods and smart phones.

Reach Full Power......FASTER! A 3.1amp rapid charging USB 2.0 Hub providing near mains speed charging

Unique New Design: Incorporates its own universal power supply that transforms 110-240 mains voltage and delivers up to 3.1 amps to two on board USB charging ports.

NO External Power Needed: 'Unlike other 3amp charging devices our USB 2.0 Rapid Charging Hub does not require and external power supply'

Cat 6 outlets on rear of unit, simply plug in Patch leads as required.

Supplied with desk lamps

Can be incorporated into any Algar Desk Top DTK Unit or the Aero Flip Horizontal Desk Units


Rapid Charging Hub Features:

  • DATA1:  USB 2.0 data port
  • DATA2:  USB 2.0 data port
  • Charging Port:  Apple devices compliant, shared charging port for use with Apple made devices
  • Charging Port:  Compliant with USB battery charging specification v1.2
  • LED Power Indicator
  • Bus powered Operation:  DATA1 and DATA2 can support up to 2 devices with a total power consumption of up to 500mA
  • Supports high speed USB2.0 (480Mbit/sec), full speed USB1.1 (12Mbit/sec) and low speed USB1.0 (1.5Mbit/sec) devices
  • Compatible with all USB equipped Pcs and Macs
  • Output Voltage:  +5V @3A
  • Regulation:  +5 plus or minus 5%
  • Minimum Current:  0.05A
  • Rated Current:  3A
  • Peak Current: 4.2A

nb: all of our DTK range can be supplied with Rapid Charge Hubs Units, but a lead time will apply.

Please note: Connecting Power and Patch Leads are needed for this unit.

See our Algar Connecting Power Leads section for the full range to compliment this unit

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