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Rigid Cable Matting

Algar Cable-Mat 150mm wide x 6mm deep
Algar Cable-Mat 150mm wide x 6mm deep
  • Product Number: CM1506

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Recent industry reports show that, due to flooding, 30% of cabling is replaced before a building is handed over to the client. Cable-Mat is designed to minimise this risk of inevitable insuance claims, which can arise.

Water ingress into the data cabling systems can have a serious effect on a cables ability to support high bit rate data transmission, i.e, Gigabit Ethernet.

When a data cable gets wet the dielectric performance is changed, affecting impedance and related parameters of attenuation and return loss.

It is a common misunderstanding that PVC data cables sleeves are waterproof; they are not, they are hygroscopic. Standard Cat5 and Cat6 cables are designed for indoor use only and therfore are not suitable in wet conditions.

Cable-Mat is a Low Smoke, Zero Halogen, permanent Anti-static, water resistant Polypropylene mat, designed for laying data cables on. By keeping cables off the floor, Cable-Mat protects against low level water flooding, attacks from chemicals in the floor screed and any sharp edges in the floor finish.

This 6mm deep Cable-Mat can also be used within wire basket tray systems to protect the data cables.

Length: 1.5m

Colour: White