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X Board 500 Cable Roller

X Board 500 Cable Roller
X Board 500 Cable Roller
  • Product Number: XB500

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The compact X-BOARD – XB 500 is a universal, professional device for winding in/out cable drums
featuring all types of cables (single core lines, cable drums, empty conduits, ropes and rope drums).
It enables trouble-free and efficient working without the tangled cables.

The X-BOARD – XB 500 can bear loads of up to 800 kg and is suitable for almost all types of drum.
Especially ideal for damaged cable drums. 12 rubberised feet ensure a non-slip and secure standing
position. Ideal for protecting already completed flooring surfaces.

WEIGHT 6.94kg
HEIGHT 133mm

  • Stackable drum capacity
  • Ideal foe all types of cables
  • Perfect for Flexible Conduits
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Height adjustable lid
  • Dry cogs, no maintenance required

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