EnGenius Certified Partner Training

As part of the EnGenius Partner Program, EnGenius offers a training program to help its partners get familiar with the WiFi technologies, the solutions and products offered by EnGenius.

EnGenius offers this information to give installers more tools in hand, to plan, deploy and sell EnGenius solutions. As you are updated with the information provided, you will have a good understanding of the products that are offered by EnGenius.

The training consists of various elements:

Presentations for self-study, archived webinars to follow, installation guides to read through and some documents for additional information.

You can do the study at your own time, whenever you are available.

The training will be completed with an examination form that needs to be sent to training@engeniusnetworks.eu .

The examination consists out of 40 questions based on information in the material. To be certified 30 questions need to be correct. When the required score is achieved, you will be upgraded to EnGenius Certified Partner and will have more benefits in the partner program.

The certification will be valid for one year. To maintain your certified partner level, you need to participate upcoming new webinars and trainings that are required.

Find out more about EnGenius training courses, email the team on tony@cmwltd.co.uk