Micos MTeH Mini Fibre Box


MTeH MINI is the next-generation of indoor wall-mounted fiber boxes. Its unique compact design and factory connectorised options help reduce assembly time and installation costs by up to 50 %.

  • MTeH MINI enables termination of connectors and splicing of optical fibers.
  • It can be pre-installed with adapters, pigtails or splitters from manufacturing.
  • Compact size makes installation in small spaces possible
  • Two screw-lock doors - a larger one for a technician with professional skills, who works with splitters, splices and pigtails, and a smaller one for a technician without professional skills, who connects customer drop cables.

Where to use MTeH MINI

The MTeH MINI finds its application as a floor or a main fiber distribution box in apartment buildings / MDUs or single-family houses. It supports all cable applications (riser cables, buffered tubes, microtubes and ribbon cables) and it can be used for GPON networks with a pre-installed splitter.

Other features of MTeH MINI

  • Maximum capacity of 12x SC / 24x LC connectors (in case of a pre-connected cable)
  • Maximum capacity of 10x SC / 12x LC connectors (in case of termination by connectors and splices)
  • Integrated holder to support 2 splices in the base of the box
  • Possibility to place a holder for 12 splices (max. 14 splices)
  • Pre-moulded holes in the base for routing a cable through a wall
  • Multiple cable or tube entry ports placed on all sides of the box increasing installation flexibility
  • Capability to support vertical mid-span cable applications
  • Supporting use of PLC splitters - 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:16 with LC connectors
  • Designed for use with G.657 fiber
  • Dedicated place for a company logo on exterior surface of the door