Norden overview

Norden is one of a kind manufacturer and supplier of copper, optical and electrical solutions that have been tried and tested and cater to a wide spectrum of environments such as the telecommunications, buildings, utilities and industries, surveillance systems and public address systems. The company provides some of the most exemplary devices and solutions having the best modern technology as their working foundations.

The product range at Norden comprises of Copper & Fibre Systems, Cabinets & Accessories, Building & Industrial Cables, Fire Cables, NVS Public Addressing Solutions, Eyenor Surveillance Solutions and Secnor Access Control Solutions. All the products by Norden have been developed and designed from scratch with an aim of delivering the best, most efficient, secure, robust and scalable solutions for all kinds of environments driven by technology.

Secnor Access Control


Dynamic Face

Facial Fingerprint

Fingerprint Time Attendance

RFI Card Reader, USB Finger Print

Waterproof IP68 Finger Print

Door Control Panel Box