LightWays Fibre Routing System


Siemon LightWays is a flexible fibre routing system for supporting  the growing amount of fibre optic cables required to connect critical networking equipment in the data centre. This routing system is fully enclosed to protect fibre from dirt and dust as it traverses from network distribution areas to storage and server areas. Strong enough to protect cables against the most rigorous of conditions, LightWays is specifically designed to maintain proper bend radius of fibre optic cabling, which is imperative to preventing microbend and macrobend losses that can adversely impact system performance.

Manufactured from halogen free, flame-retardant UL94/V0 plastic and available in four different sizes. LightWays is easy to assemble and includes a wide variety of straight duct, elbows, tees, crosses, reducers and innovative outlets for designing a system that meets the exact needs of any data center space. The system’s easy access covers allow fibre optic cables to be installed in or removed from pathways at any time without the need to disconnect the whole system.

The LightWays fibre routing system is the ideal solution for protecting, segregating and managing your data centre’s critical fibre infrastructure. Find out how LightWays can help protect your fibre cable, by taking a look at a Siemon blog, 'The Importance of Protecting Fibre Optic Cabling Infrastructure'.

Toolless Joiner

The innovative LightWays™ toolless joiner provides a quick and easy method for connecting straight duct and fittings. With no tools needed for installation or removal, the LightWays joiner makes building a complete fibre routing system far less time consuming than systems that require drilling, nuts, bolts or other tools to join components. Simply slide two duct ends into the joiner to make a solid connection, then release the locking levers to decouple the sections when needed. 

Available in all four LightWays duct sizes, the toolless joiner provides an audible click to ensure that each component is successfully and securely joined together. A manual joiner also available for applications requiring a drilled, bolt-on option.

Waterfall Outlet

The waterfall outlet is a revolutionary component within the LightWays™ fibre routing system. This non-intrusive fibre optic outlet is simply placed over the sidewall of a straight duct section to create a vertical drop-off from a horizontal run.  With full radius control, the waterfall outlet safely routes fibres to and from racks and cabinets. This fibre outlet presents a low profile above the channel’s edge and is easily installed without tools.

The outlet also features a unique two-piece cover with a hinged rear section that allows users to easily access the fibres that bypass the outlet without having to remove the main cover. The waterfalls are available in three sizes. A trumpet is available for use with the outlet, as well as outlet adapters with either an open design to extend the vertical drop or a version to transition to flexible tubing.

Product Brochure & Installation Instructions