Siemon Technical Brief

Z-MAX™ Termination Time Study

Study Overview

This study was compiled to evaluate optimal termination times for Siemon’s Z-MAX 6A UTP and shielded connectors under a given set of conditions. In the study, two Siemon technical services team members each completed 10 consecutive outlet terminations for both UTP and shielded configurations.

The technical service team members were chosen based on their experience level in the implementation of twisted pair copper cabling systems, which is roughly correlative to the average experience level of a trained structured cabling installer.

Performed in a workbench environment, each termination included all cable preparation steps and the actual termination process. The outlet and accessories were removed from their individual packaging and timing began when the subject touched the unprepared cable and ended when all termination steps were complete.

Conditions, environment and installer experience can vary significantly in any given installation and these factors can effect termination times. This study is intended to provide sample data for basic competitive comparison purposes.
Reproduced from a Technical Brief distributed by Siemon.