Essential Advice

The Essential Information section of the website aims to provide you with a no nonsense guide to some of the terms and practices widely used in our industry. 

Whether it be a clear explanation of what IP Ratings mean, and how to decipher them, or helpful statistics about how many Category 6 cables you should put in your trunking to meet industry accepted standards. Our aim is to add useful articles to this page, as often as possible.

Essential Advice


List of Articles

A Guide to Fibre Optics: Looking at fibre cable construction

BEAMA Best Practice Guide: A practical guide to the safe and proper installation of cable ladder systems


Cable Test and Verification: Turning a network live the right way    

Cable Ties: What you need to know

Guide to Stainless Steel Grades: Commonly used grade explained

Master MTP Polarity Like a Pro: Looking at Proper Polarity to Transmit Signals

Siemon Z-MAX™ Termination Time Study: Evaluating optimal terminating times

Standards: Electricity at work regulations

Support Of 10BASE-T1L With TERA® SPE Cabling: Siemon’s TERA SPE solution for an Operation Technology Environment

The Impact of Termination Speed on Your Bottom Line: Reviews the use of Siemon products to effectively improve termination times

The Impact of Wi-Fi 6 on Intelligent Buildings: What to consider when specifying your network infrastructure cabling

Tripp-Lite to APC Cross Reference: Part code comparison chart

Tripp-Lite to Eaton Cross Reference: Part code comparison chart

What Fibre Termination Method is Best for You: Factors to consider

What you need to know about outdoor Wi-Fi: Looking at a variety of deployments

Zinc Whiskers: Explanation and how to deal with them