Essential Advice

The Essential Information section of the website aims to provide you with a no nonsense guide to some of the terms and practices widely used in our industry. 

Essential Advice

A Guide to Fibre Optics
Looking at fibre cable construction.

BEAMA Best Practice Guide
A practical guide to the safe and proper installation of cable ladder systems.

Cable Test and Verification
Turning a network live the right way.

Cable Ties
What you need to know when choosing a cable tie for a job.

Guide to Stainless Steel Grades
Commonly used grade explained.

Master MTP Polarity Like a Pro
Looking at proper polarity to transmit signals.

Siemon Z-MAX™ Termination Time Study
Evaluating optimal terminating times.

Electricity at work regulations.

Support Of 10BASE-T1L With TERA® SPE Cabling
Siemon’s TERA SPE solution for an Operation Technology Environment.

The Impact of Wi-Fi 6 on Intelligent Buildings
What to consider when specifying your network infrastructure cabling.

Tripp-Lite to APC Cross Reference
Part code comparison chart.

Tripp-Lite to Eaton Cross Reference
Part code comparison chart.

The Impact of Termination Speed on Your Bottom Line
Termination methods for the type of cabling chosen for a project.

What you need to know about outdoor

Looking at a variety of deployments.

Zinc Whiskers
Explanation of what Zinc whiskers are and how to deal with them.

Cable Containment and Management Systems
Looking at the types available, including regulations and IP ratings.

A Guide to Access Control
A look into the types of access control system available, the components for each, installation considerations and how to integrate with security systems.

A Guide to Electric Locking
What is electric locking, the different types of locks available, detailing the pros and cons of each.

What Is The Difference Between OM3 & OM4 50/125 Multimode Fibre? A in-depth look at the differences between these two types of fibre.

Design Considerations for PC Based Access Control Systems A list of questions to ask when looking at implementing a PC based access control solution within a premises.

How You Get A Better Wi-Fi Service Outside Looking at how the different products available, can help deliver a good quality Wi-Fi service outdoors.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Use A Cable Tray For Your Cabling Installation Looking at the positive outcomes gained by using a cable tray.

A Guide to Standalone Access Control Looking at all aspects of a standalone access control system and the components involved.

Free WiFi is Less of a Luxury - Getting the right Wi-Fi in a hotel environment.

How to Choose the Right IP Comms Cabinet for a Harsh Environment 
Reviewing IP ratings, materials and grades and a checklist to review.

Access Control Glossary A full list explaining the components and terms associated with access control.

Concealing Cables For a Wall Mounted TV  How using the right products can efficiently create a seamless aesthetic.

What is an Ethernet Cable? What is Ethernet, what does an Ethernet cable do and the different types available.

A Guide to Biometric Use in Access Control 
Biometric advantages, disadvantages and system components.

Power Distribution Units (PDU's) Different types of PDU's and what to take into consideration when selecting a PDU

Use G567 Bend Insensitive Fibre To Reduce Cost And Improve Yield How bend Insensitive Fibre ITU G657 has had a significant effect on network designs and product selection.

Acoustic Noise Reducing Cabinets How to specify the type of cabinet needed and how to reduce the amount of noise emanating from a cabinet.

A Guide to Door Entry Systems The purpose of a door entry system and what to consider when choosing a door entry system.

Loose Tube v Tight Buffered Construction The fundamental differences between loose tube and tight buffered cables.

Server Rack Installation Tips Everything from selecting the right rack to choosing the necessary accessories and cable management.

The Benefits of Managed WiFi How Cloud Managed WiFi Can Help.

Where A Fibre Optic Pigtail Fits Into A PON Specification, types and installation of pigtails.

How GOP Boxes Help You To Keep Planning, Installation, And Costs Under Control An overview on the importance of the GOP box and benefits of using them.

Which Fibre Termination Method Is Best For You Examining the different types of solutions available.

Data Centre Cooling Types of Aisle Containment and The Benefits Experienced

Optical Distribution Frame What is an ODF, types available and how to choose the right one for your project.