Here's the fastest ,easiest and least expensive way to take your network cabling infrastructure well beyond the 100 metre limit



This GameChanger cable allows you to deliver PoE+ & 1Gb/s over 200m with no power boosting or switches 


Simply Easier for you to use

You pull this cable in and terminate it just like any Cat 6 You don’t need boosters, extenders, transceivers or additional IDFs to connect them
You have fewer possible points of failure
You can achieve faster, less expensive installations
It works with ANY Ethernet application
CCa CPR rating for use inside
Dual external sheath for use outside

Performance Verified for your client’s peace of mind

This GameChanger Cable is the first and only cable verified by UL to deliver 1Gb/s performance and PoE+ to over 200m and 10Mb/s Ethernet and PoE+ at 259m, so you know its just going to work.

Performance Certified

AEM, Fluke, Ideal, NETSCOUT, Softing and Viavi all have GameChanger specific cable types and test limits programmed in their firmware, so you can deliver test results and certified performance

25 Year Warranty

We offer the 25 year Paige Warranty on any project where a BICSI Certified RCDD installer uses a Fluke or similar tester to certify the installation and sends us the certified results for Paige to verify.

Currently, the GameChanger can be tested with the following testers for you to get a warranty:

AEM Test Pro (v1.3.1 or higher)
Fluke Networks DSX Cable Analyzer (v6.0 or higher)
Ideal Networks LanTek III
Softing WireXpert (v8.0 or higher)
Viavi T-BERD, 5800v2, 5882, 5800-100G5

We don't limit the connectivity to specific brands you can use to qualify for the warranty. As long as the certified results pass legitimately, we're ok to provide the warranty.

GameChanger can be run over 2.5x the distance of a standard category cable, and still deliver PoE+ & certifiable ethernet performance


What's the maximum distance the GameChanger Cable can be run?


That depends on the power and bandwidth requirements of your application.
At a minimum you can expect:

1Gb/s at 200 Metres
10Mb/s at 259 Metres
802.3at Type 2 (PoE+) up to 259 Metres

What's the difference between GameChanger and a standard Cat 6?


We’ve increased the gauge size to 22 AWG (20% more than Cat 6)

We twist it differently than our standard Cat 6 to optimize for long distance transmission.

We’ve employed the use of specialty materials to allow for high performance

How do I ensure maximum reliability in a long distance cable run?


For a reliable, extra long-distance run (greater than 200 meters / 656 feet) you should be using a managed PoE Switch. For any port connected to a long-distance GameChanger run, make sure the port is configured for 10 Mbps. Don't assume auto-configuration will sufficiently detect the bandwidth and adjust. If you're using an ip camera, you should check that your video stream settings are configured correctly as well.

If you want help to establish the bandwidth your video stream will use, you can check this online tool

A Cable at this performance level must surely be expensive, how has it proven to be more cost effective for long distance PoE+ and ethernet transmission?


We have a great case study that explains this
In summary though, by using the GameChanger Cable, the installer was able to avoid constructing an Intermediate Distribution Frame on the roof of the building which saved 4-5 weeks in the construction programme and £25,000. that buys you a lot of cable, even when you are buying quality and innovation at this level.

Does GameChanger work for more than just video?

Yes, GameChanger handles all your Ethernet traffic in the same way, so you can always Go The Distance whether you’re transmitting:

Wireless Access Points
Digital Signage
Anything else in twisted pair

Who's having success with the GameChanger Today?


So far, 6 out of the 8 largest US integrators have installed Gamechanger in:

Train Stations
Parking Garages
Amusement Parks
Shopping Centres
Sports Stadiums

Which classes of PoE does GameChanger support?


GameChanger supports Power over Ethernet Classes 1-8. Check out this voltage drop chart for more information.

How many times have you had to slip in an extra cabinet, switch, patch panel, and cords in to a system when cable routes have been changed from original drawing, just to get your cable lengths down to a certifiable length?

When you use GameChanger, you can have a test certificate from your Fluke tester showing a pass over 100m. All major certifiers list this cable in their menus.

Heres an example of your test result produced by a Fluke DSX

How to terminate The GameChanger OSP Shielded Cable

4 Use Cases for Testing Long Haul Twisted Pair Cabling

Many cable install professionals are under the false impression that a cable tester only needs to verify twisted pair copper up to — but not exceeding — 100 meters (328 feet) in length. While it is true that most two- and four-pair 802.3 Ethernet standards do indeed have a maximum distance limitation at the 100-meter mark, there are plenty of other uses and standards that require a tester to verify proper cable operation well beyond 100 meters.

This includes cabling projects for the Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT (IIoT) and many surveillance camera deployments over twisted pair copper. You can review four different real-world use cases where a cable test unit must be capable of validating copper runs up to 1000 meters by reading this informative blog

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If you’re not over the moon with the simplicity and performance of the Gamechanger cable on long distance runs, just ask and we’ll give you a full refund. No quibbles, no hidden charges.