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You buy a WireXpert 4500... ...and the rest is on our tab!

You buy a WireXpert 4500...

...and the rest is on our tab!

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For only £8595.00, you get:
WireXpert 4500
The Softing WireXpert 4500 is the World's most advanced cable certification tester, compliant with all standards.
Softing's WireXpert 4500 is the first cable certifier with the capability to guarantee the highest performance cabling systems in Enterprise Network and Data Centres. Network installers can make an impressive gain in productivity with this tester, enabling them to perform accurate certification tests, quickly.

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Inspection including calibration
Send your WireXpert 4500 (and the fibre optic modules, if applicable) to the local service centre so that you will always be able to comply with the references during measurement. The prior calibration date is stored inside the software, which can be printed out in the results report, to ensure the customer complies with the required accuracies. All accessories and functions of the units are checked in the service centre and will update with the newest firmware version.
Hard-shell Case
The WireXpert 4500 is tough due to its injection-moulded case. This case is made of high-strength polypropylene plastic, which has been designed specifically to store and transport the device securely and conveniently. Therefore, it is ideally suited for use in the rough and tumble World on installers. Inside the case, there is a black inlay with compartments for various measuring adapters. 
Additional Permanent-Link-Cable-Set
Equipped with the tester is the set of permanent link cables. However, as part of the promotion, you will receive a second set of RJ-45 permanent link measuring cables. With the WireXpert, these cables are suitable for measurements of class EA/category.
CableMaster 600 | Cable Probe
Designed for network managers and technicians is the Cale Tracker Network Tone and Probe Kit model CTK1015. Active LAN circuits can be tricky to activate which can disrupt network traffic, making it difficult to track due to twists in the cable and tone bleed. However, using the Cable Tracker Network Probe and Tone Kit can fix this issue. The kit features a Port ID function that blinks the link gently, verifying cable connectivity. This feature similarly provides an easy and effective way to identify switch and hub port assignments on live networks.

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2 x CableMaster 200
The CableMaster 200 is a cost-effective and small wire-map tester for ethernet cables. This device is perfect when testing twisted pair cables on wiring faults, e.g.interruptions, short circuits, crossed cores, and split pairs. The CableMaster comes with an integrated remove unit and a built-in tone generator.

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