Armoured Patch Leads 

Rodent resistant armoured or ruggedised optical fibre patch leads incorporate a stainless-steel wrap, can be reinforced with Kevlar and can also integrate an additional steel braided layer. This helps you protect your fibre from damage which can be caused by twisting or excessive force. Armoured fibre patch leads are available in Singlemode or Multimode connector configurations.  

Armoured optical fibre patch leads provide flexible interconnection to active equipment, passive optical devices and cross-connects. 

This type of hardy cable is perfect for high volume areas where constant re-patching occurs and are especially designed for use in tough environments, where traditional standard fibre optic patch leads may not perform as required for long periods of time.   

You can use these cables both internally or externally for permanent or temporary connections. 

Patch leads are crush and kink-resistant, provide extra strength and durability whilst being flexible and compact Ideal for your engineers to use as they are less prone to damage, during and after installation. 

Speak to one of our fibre specialists to discuss your specific requirements for armoured patch leads. Email or contact us on 01234 848030.