MPO or "multi-fibre push on" is a connector that is used for cables that have 1 – 24 fibres. Connectors come in both single mode and multimode versions, with the single mode units having angled ends for back reflection minimisation and the multimode units having flat ends.  

Multi-fibre connections come with ferrules, and they are commonly used in telecommunications and data systems for printed circuit boards and high-density backplanes. These MPO cable connectors can provide a density that is 12 times higher than standard connectors. This offers significant savings in terms of cost and space. 

MPO fibre optic connectors are sold in female versions without any pins, or in male versions with the pins. These pins are essential since they allow the connector fronts to align precisely and make sure that the fibres of the end faces cannot be offset. MPO fibre optic connectors offer superior reliability and quality and are a vital part of a structured cabling environment. 

MPO Connectors used in duplex 10 Gig fibre applications throughout the data centre, are used to deploy pre-terminated plug and play backbone cables between switches. They take up less space and ease cable management while offering faster deployment. In these 10 Gig applications, 12-fibre, or 24-fibre trunk cables with MPO connectors on both ends form the permanent backbone link. They are then transitioned to duplex fibre connectors in patch panels either via MPO-to-LC cassettes or MPO-to-LC hybrid patch cords. 

Installation is simple. Cassettes are mounted in panels and then connected via MPO trunk cables. Connecting these trunks to the cassettes is simple, just like plugging in a patch cord. 

There are no specialist skills required, as there is no termination. If proper cleaning of connectors is carried out and cable bend radius are within the limits of the cable, a high-performance network is guaranteed. 

The market leading MPO connector is the MTP® branded connector. They are made in the US by a company called US Conec. Although there are many other types made, often optical performance is not high enough for high data rates or complex networks. 

All the cables and connectors must meet the highest requirements possible as they contribute to the ultimate delivery of the desired bandwidth.  

Most fibre optic connectors are spring-loaded this ensures that a strong connection is made when the connectors are joined together. This helps eliminate any signal loss that could be caused by unwanted air gaps. 

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