Customer Support Services - Pre-Terminated Fibre

When time on site is limited, or you do not have the specialised labour needed to carry out complex fibre installations, pre-terminated fibre products can provide the solution you need. 

Whether it be the production of multiple assemblies for installation in a data centre, a multi-site project role out or the supply of a single pre-term, we can help you.

All pre-terminated solutions are produced using the most advanced fibre polishing, terminating and test equipment. This includes Domaille polishing machines which are specially designed for complex multi-fibre applications like MPO/MTP, Dasi Interferometers and bench top Insertion/return loss testers.

You can experience many benefits when working with pre-terminated products: 

  • Reduce your installation costs 
  • Reduce your installation times by as much as 75% 
  • Save money by removing the need for specialist equipment and labour
  • Get your items quickly - typically 2/3 days
  • All products are thoroughly tested and traceable
  • Test certificate included with every assembly
  • Environmentally friendly – helps you reduce waste onsite 
  • Maximise your cable usage 

Choose from the following pre-terminated fibre solutions: 

  • OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5 and OS2 
  • All core counts from 2 to 24 
  • Bespoke breakout lengths to suit the application 
  • MPO 2MM fan-out 
  • MPO 900 um fan-out 
  • MPO trunk 
  • Fibre panels 

Solutions available also include:

  • Hardened & IP rated 
  • Flexible conduit enclosed 
  • Nylon tubing enclosed 
  • Flat duplex 
  • Harsh environment 
  • Indoor/outdoor duct grade 
  • Data centre fibre duct cable tray/trunking 

All products are:  

  • Machine polished 
  • Pre-labelled 
  • Ferrule geometry checked on interferometer to ensure the best performance in all conditions
  • Fitted with protection both ends 
  • One end fitted with a pulling eye
  • Glands pre-fitted both ends
  • Available on a drum or coiled in a bag 
  • Plug and Play 
  • Re-deployable 
Preterm Assembly
Complete the form above with your specific requirements, or speak to one of our fibre specialists by contacting us on 01234 848030 or via email to discuss exactly what you need.