Trunking & Conduit

Plastic mini trunking provides a cost-effective solution, which protects your electrical wiring routes from impact and moisture damage. To safely distribute power and data cabling around your building, plastic maxi trunking can be installed. Back box accessories are also available in a wide range of dimensions.

CMW has a full range of traditional white trunking held in stock but also has coloured variants are available including black, brown and red. These products give you a way of blending your trunking in with its surrounding environment. Self-adhesive versions are available too.

When you are working in a harsh environment and additional security is needed, galvanised trunking products provide additional peace of mind and come in tamperproof models. Bench trunking systems and accessories are another great option for you to consider where a robust containment solution is required. 

Power poles and posts are perfect for your projects requiring power and data distribution to island workstations or in the middle of open-plan spaces.

Rigid conduit and accessories and flexible conduit and accessories give complete protection for your data cables. CMW has Polypropylene, PVC and galvanised options available from stock as well as the necessary accessories for you to successfully install these products.

Our range of 18th Edition fire rated clips and fittings support wiring systems in the event of a fire. These small but important items can prevent premature collapse of your wiring installations in the event of a fire.


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