Highspeed Migration

Designed using modular, high-speed components, the High-Speed Migration platform supports numerous generations of equipment while keeping your infrastructure scalable and manageable. You can expand when and where you need without overspending or overprovisioning. 

High-speed migration supports the need for Data Centres to always work at their highest performance levels. It assists technicians in providing the highest speed of connectivity, as well as the flexibility to meet the needs of an organisation at any given time. 

High-speed migration allows for a Data Centre to grow as demand and capacity increases. 

Direct Attach Optical Cables 

Active Optical Cables Multimode fibre AOC cable assemblies are about half the cost of transceivers and are factory terminated, negating any interoperability or installation issues. Siemon AOCs are ideal for more extended reach, point to point connections in data centres, cabinets and equipment outside of the rack. Energy-efficient design requires less power than transceiver assemblies with smaller bundles promote better airflow and lower cooling costs. 

A cost-effective, low power option for inter-rack connections, Siemon DACs, provide superior performance and reliability in high-speed top-of-rack applications. 

Available in black, red, white, or blue jacket colours, in half meter lengths from 0.5M to 3M and full metre lengths up to 10M. Great for high-density systems where power consumption and heat generation are concerning factors. 

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