Rigid Cable Matting

Algar LSOH Data Cable Matting For installation in Cable Basket Tray and directly on to the floor .
Cable-Mat minimizes the risk of inevitable insurance claims, arising from flooding. Water and moisture ingress into data cabling has a serious effect on the cables ability to support Gigabit Ethernet and higher bit rate data transmission, because its dielectric performance is affected, changing impedance, attenuation and return loss.
PVC data cable jacket is not waterproof; they are hygroscopic and so are not suitable in wet environments.
Cable-Mat from ALgar is an LSOH, water resistant, permanently Anti-static, Polypropylene mat, for laying Data Cables on top. Keeping the cables off the floor level, protects them against low level water flooding, attacks from floor screed chemicals and any sharp edges found in the floor finish.
These Cable-Mats can also be used to avoid damage to data cables from pressure points within wire basket cable tray systems.