Brexit Statement

We continue to monitor the Brexit situation closely and remain prepared with measures to counteract the impact of these circumstances, ensuring a continued reliable supply of our products after 31st December 2020.

The key points relating to our business are detailed below:

•    We have identified where potential additional costs will be incurred; final details will be provided once all negotiations are finalised
•    Relatively few of our products are sourced via EU member countries, we do not anticipate that our core product ranges will be affected
•    Where EU certification and CE marketing is required, we anticipate no change to our current arrangements, products are currently EU compliant
•    We are expecting to experience an additional 7-10-day lead time on some of our product ranges
•    All product SKU’s have import commodity codes listed in our stock records

We have been in direct contact with our key suppliers to ensure they have contingency plans in place within their own supply chains and logistics functions to minimise any disruption.

As most of our customers are based in the UK, and we are registered and based in the UK, nothing significant will change between us in terms of our commercial relationship (contracts, billing, etc).