Indoor and Outdoor Enclosures

Fibre optic enclosures are designed to provide connectivity and distribution solutions for fibre optic cables. Well-organised fibre optic cable distribution keeps the fibre optic components accessible.  

Terminating the distribution cable into the enclosure and running fibre optic patch cables between the enclosure and the individual equipment, will reduce opportunities for damage to the more critical backbone cable as users connect or change equipment. 

Different configurations of enclosures are available such as rack mount, wall mount, and indoor or outdoor and are usually made of either steel or plastic. 

Which IP rating you require for your fibre enclosures will be determined by the environment where they are going to be installed. An IP65 or IP66 rated enclosure means your fibre cabling will be water-resistant whereas an IP67 rated enclosure means your fibres will be temporarily protected against complete water submersion. 

Dome enclosures are the perfect choice for protecting fibre optic splices from harsh external environment conditions. This type of enclosure is designed for many network segments and made to ensure reliable sealing performance by preventing air and water leaking for the growing usage and application of high-speed communication networks together with high population density. They protect splices and ensure reliability for aerial or direct burial applications. 

Pole distribution boxes support both aerial and underground applications (Manholes/chambers), aerial network (telegraph poles, facades, an FTTH facade solution offers a simple way of installing optical infrastructure which eliminates construction work inside a building) and integrated applications (street cabinets, pedestal, pops). 

This type of product has the functionality for in-line and butt configurations, where easy access critical and where rapid deployment is required. They combine the functions of splicing, termination, and integration of passive components to maximise the capacity of your existing fibre network. 

Other types of fibre optic enclosure are boxes to load fibre optic patch panels/fibre optic cassettes and other accessories which provide a cable management solution. Fibre enclosure ensures a tidy cabling environment and protects fibres from outside damage. 

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