Cable Management

The management of electrical or optical cables in your cabinets and installations is very important. Cables can get tangled, making your job overly difficult or worse still, something gets unplugged.

Cable management solutions cover a wide and varied list of products which can help you to manage your installations.

POD/GOP boxes and accessories can be used anywhere, but are ideally suited for use in raised floors, where you have very little vertical space.

Cable protectors, cable cover’s and cable matting protect your cabling and wires from being stepped on or tripped over and can hold several cables.

The cable comb bundle organiser is a great tool which enables you to quickly organise your cables with ease saving you time.

CMW is a Premium Distributor for the VELCRO® Brand product range a worldwide leader in fastening systems.

Floor boxes and accessories safely and securely house your buried, underfloor cables and wires and electrical equipment and come in a range of sizes and compartments.

Desk cable management including data and media units for desktop mounting, flush in-desk mounting, under-desk power distribution, along with interconnecting leads give you options where underfloor power distribution is not available.

Catenary Wire is ideal for you to use in a range of catenary suspension systems, including signage, lightweight electrical services and ductwork. Made from high-grade stainless steel, the catenary wire will create suspensions systems that are durable but have a discreet visual impact.

Britclips fixings are high quality fittings which suit your multiple installation needs, giving you lots of choice. These include beam clamps, beam clips, cable run clips, threaded rod clips, roof deck hangers, purlin hangers, acoustic ceiling clips and more.

Erico Caddy nVent range are fixing fastening and support products that you can use in a wide variety of applications.

CMW also provide all the associated cable fixings, cable glands, enclosures, grommets and accessories needed to successfully install these cable management products.


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