Pod Boxes & Accessories

CMW POD Boxes are also referred to as a GOP or Grid Outlet Position Boxes. Our range includes seven different versions, from 2 Way to 24 Way LJ6C outputs. Our boxes are all high quality, manufactured from 1.5mm steel. Across the range, there are three available cable entry hole sizes 20mm, 25mm and 32mm. GOP Boxes are designed to accommodate LJ6C or 6C Style RJ45 Data Modules whether they are Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a we have varying depths to suit the bend radius of your cabling system.

Typical uses of POD Boxes are Raised Floor Applications with mounting to under desk with ‘L-Brackets’ or Anchor Brackets available to secure the flexible conduit to a floor tile/slab. CMW can offer a complete Bespoke made to order service offering different numbers of ports, colours and metal gauges for projects and large installations. You will find a range of POD Box Accessories,Flexible LSOH Conduits and Glands from 20mm to 32mm suitable for all POD Box applications.