CPR – Construction Products Regulation 

From the 1st July 2017, it became obligatory in the UK, for cables that were to be permanently installed in buildings and construction works, to have a Declaration of Performance (DoP).  

The DoP shows critical information such as the manufacturer's name, product type and class met and to have CE marking under the CPR. All kinds of cable are covered, including copper, fibre, coax and multi-conductor cables. 

CPR was introduced to improve building safety by creating a common set of performance characteristics at a national level to ensure everyone in the supply chain complies with the same set of standards. 

Under CPR, cables are classified in 7 Euroclasses according to their contribution to fire: A ca, B1 ca, B2 ca, C ca, D ca, E ca and F ca. The main classification criteria are flame and heat release. There are 3 additional criteria: smoke production, flaming droplets/particles and acidity of the combustion gasses. 

Cables are categorised according to their performance level shown by classification codes. The higher the performance class, the more expensive the cable will be, due to the difference in materials used and cable design. 

Cables are a particular concern due to them running between rooms and floors, above ceilings and are often made from flammable materials. They can also be a source of fire if they have been poorly installed, damaged or are faulty. 

Each layer of the supply chain is legally responsible for ensuring market compliance with CPR. This includes the manufacturer, distributors, specifiers and installers. 

As a specifier or an installer you should consider the following guidance: 

  • Always specify that cables must have the CE marking according to CPR, accompanied by a Declaration of Performance.
  • Specify cables of class Eca or higher.
  • Preferably use cables described as a low fire hazard or equivalent (LSHF, LSOH, OHLS, LSNH etc.), where fire safety requirements are high or very high. 
  • Ensure that low fire hazard cables above class Eca include the additional classifications for smoke, acidity and, for applications, flaming droplets .

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