CMW 2023 Product Catalogue

Welcome to the new edition of the Cable Management Warehouse product catalogue. 

This new edition is currently exclusively available in an electronic format. Printed copies will be available soon. 

We have designed the catalogue to make it as easy as possible for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Each section is coloured coded, and we have tried to keep the running order pretty much the same as what you are used to.

As each section is available, we will add it to this page for you to download in pdf format. If you would like to add your name to the list to receive a printed copy of the catalogue when it is available please email 

Section 1

Pod Boxes, Flexible Conduits & Accessories

Section 2

Floor Products & Management 

Section 3

Desk Products & Management

Section 4

Trunking & Rigid Conduit Systems

Section 5

Basket & Cable Tray Support Systems

Section 6

Velcro, Fixings, Cable Ties & Sealants

Section 7

Tools, Site & Safety Equipment

Section 8

Wall Boxes, Cabinets & Accessories

Section 9

AV, Audio & Electric

Section 10

Data Room Products

Section 11

Data, Voice & Test Equipment

Section 12

Fibre & Associated Products