DIN Rail Enclosures


DIN rail enclosures, also known as top-hat rail enclosures, are often used for applications such as control, instrumentation and measurement. As an example, they are fitted on standardised DIN rails in distribution boxes.  

DIN rails can help you reduce labour, costs and save space as they allow your engineers to attach interchangeable components quickly and easily to the rail. These rails simplify and standardise setups so that you can effortlessly work with parts and products from many different manufacturers.   

Advantages of a DIN rail System 

  • Save time and work - components snap or slide onto the rail, this means that each component does not have to be mounted to the panel individually. 
  • Save space - DIN rails are ideal in limited space applications and allow for tight configurations of components. They also provide a convenient site for bringing internal and external wiring circuits together. 
  • Cost-effective, both in terms of the DIN rail pricing itself and the potential it offers for high-density adjacent mounting. This can significantly reduce the amount of wiring and cabinet space you need. 
  • Promote neat and well-organised component layout. Better for maintenance access and all-round safety. 
  • They adhere to universal sizing and mounting protocols. 

CMW offer a range of fibre enclosures suitable for mounting using the DIN standard fitting.  Speak to one of our fibre specialists to discuss your requirements. Email sales@cmwltd.co.uk or contact us on 01234 848030.