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World Wide Wireless - With unceasing efforts on technological innovation and Marketing, IP-COM has become a global leading manufacturer and supplier of enterprises networking products and commercial networking solutions.

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IP Com Warranty


The purpose of this document is to set up the warranty and service policy of IP-COM products for distributors and agents to reference while handling RMA cases. The procedure is for: 

The reduction of RMA costs resulting from misjudgments and 2> facilitating quicker response times for increasing customer satisfaction.


This process is only eligible for IP-COM authorised distributors and agents, who purchase the products directly from IP-COM in China. If you have purchased your products from IP-COM distributors or agents, please contact them regarding all warranty and repair issues.

Execution Procedure



IP-COM will provide the warranty service according to the mutual signed distribution agreement.
The warranty starting time is from the PI date of the purchase order.

The warranty will not cover damages such as accident, altered, physical damage, and natural factors of fire, lightning, floods, wars, earthquakes and abnormal operating environments such as high temperatures, high pressure, dampness, corrosion and other similar conditions.

The following situations are not eligible to warranty service.

a. The product is not IP-COM production or received by improper packaging.  
b. The product has been opened out or obvious surface damage.  
c. The product has been repaired by any other party without IP-COM approval.  
d. The label on product is not clear or destroyed.  
e. The RMA request form isn’t completely filled in.  
f. The defect description isn’t specific and detailed.  
g. The product information or quantity mismatch with the listed items on RMA request form.