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Velcro Companies is a worldwide leader in fastening systems that solve problems in simple, elegant and surprising ways. Velcro manufacture a wide range of solutions from standard hook and loop closures to complete finished products for customers in the Construction, Consumer, Industrial, Medical, Packaging, Personal Care and Transportation industries.

With a proud tradition of innovation, Velcro Companies own more than 400 active patents for globally manufactured solutions. Velcro Companies strive to be the dominant innovator in fastening technology through efficient and creative solutions that satisfy customers’ needs. 

VELCRO® Brand products are well-loved around the world, adhering and fastening everything from roof panels to diapers, and known for their familiar and reassuring fastening sound. Hook and loop is part of our everyday language and indispensable to our daily lives. It’s omnipresent and is re-invented for new uses daily.

VELCRO® Brand hook and loop fasteners only carry the VELCRO® Brand logo, and with good reason. There are hundreds of hook and loop manufacturers in the world today, manufactured all over the world. Still, only a handful can provide all the backup, quality and assurances that many companies using these fasteners require. 

Every product carries a unique traceable batch number, so if a problem arises, a batch can be called back, tested and investigated.

Velcro Industries manufacture their products. They don't buy it from other factories, so you get the consistency of product EVERY time you purchase.

Velcro Industries research and development teams can work with you to develop products. They use detailed analysis and testing resources at all product development stages, evaluating and documenting performance and quality. This testing covers but is not limited to fray resistance, adhesive peel, break, strength, shrinkage, bond and strength.

 Performance testing is also available to guarantee compliance with government & industry standards:

  • Temperature/Humidity -60° to 400°C; 0-100% RH
  • Environmental: RoHS compliant product; ISO 14001 compliant
  • Flammability: FAR; MVSS
  • Material analysis: FTIR; DSC; SEM; Microscopy


Who Invented Velcro and When

As with many of histories inventions, the creation of VELCRO® Brand was stumbled across unintentionally by a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral. After talking his dog for a walk one day, Mestral noticed a large number of burrs clinging to its fur. As he tried to remove them from his dog, he met with some substantial resistance.

Why is Velcro called Velcro?

Mestral derived the name VELCRO® from the French words velours (loop) and crochet (hook), and this is now the brand name and trademark of the hook and loop tape manufactured by Velcro Companies, rather than the name of the product itself.  

When was VELCRO® Brand Patented

In 1955 Mestral applied for and received a patent for his product and named his company Velcro. Velcro is not the actual name for the hook and loop fasteners that we use today; it is the trademark of Mestral's company, and not all the fasteners are from the original Velcro brand. 

CMW is a recognised Premium Velcro Products Distributor and can offer all the products and reliable information you need to find the Velcro Companies product for your cable management solution. Find out more about VELCRO® Brand relesable, reuseable cable ties by reading a useful article.

If you would like to know more about the Velcro Companies product range or need help with product selection our Velcro Companies product specialist Dave Dann can help you. Email

Product Range



VELCRO® Brand General Fastener

VELCRO® Brand High Strength Fastener

VELCRO® Brand Extra
Thin Fastener

VELCRO® Brand Extreme Strength Fastener

VELCRO® Brand Universal Floor Fastener

VELCRO® Brand High
Strength Coins

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Bespoke Solutions

There are many thousands of uses for VELCRO® Brand hook and loop products but sometimes the standard ‘off the shelf ’ sizes of tape, coins or straps don't quite fit the bill and, when you need something more specific for a particular application, we can help.

CMW can offer in-house production of cut-to-length strips and bespoke shapes to suit your specific requirement; either separate hook and loop or mated pieces, non-adhesive or self adhesive.


Product Brochures

 VELCRO® Brand Professional Series

ONE-WRAP® Fastener

General Use Fastener

High Strength Fastener

Extra Thin Fastener

Extreme Strength Fastener

Universal Floor Fastener

ALFA-LOK® Fastener