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You buy a WireXpert 4500... ...and the rest is on our tab!

You buy a WireXpert 4500... ...and the rest is on our tab!   View and Purchase by Clicking Here!...

Cat6A Outdoor Cable Now Available from stock!

  Cat6A Outdoor Cable Now Available from stock!...

The Fastest Cable Tray in the market!

Pemsa launches its new product, Rejiband Rapide. This new wire mesh cable tray has a super-quick system of connection: a two-step assembly, requiring no screws or fastenings, that greatly assists in the speed of the installation.   This new Rapide wire mesh cable tray offers two installation options: a vertical and a swivel assembly. With the first one, the tray fits vertically from the top whilst the swivel installation assembles with just two clicks, one for each side. Both options facilitate the installation of the product both on the wall and in the ceiling and, in a real install situation, generates an important saving in time and labour costs.  

We now STOCK Power over Ethernet Switches!

The main advantage of Power over Ethernet (PoE) is delivery of data AND power over one Cat5e/Cat6/6A Ethernet cable. PoE ends the need for AC/DC power supplies and outlets. A remote installation costs less than fibre as no electrician is required. Ethernet cable costs less and is often already installed buildings.     Click here to see our range online...