KoldLok® 2000-2030 2030 Surface L Raised Floor Grommet 305mm W x 298mm D x 33mm H

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The KoldLok Surface Mount raised floor brush strip grommet is designed to fit in active raised floors to seal cable openings without affecting operations. The Surface Mount unit pulls apart into halves and is then positioned around the cables, where the double-layered brush strip seals the opening. KoldLok Benefits: Increases existing cooling unit capacity Reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units Improves equipment reliability and extends equipment life Facilitates Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle best practices Increases static pressure under the raised floor and improves cool air delivery KoldLok Surface Grommet Features: The KoldLok Surface raised floor brush strip grommet is inherently self-sealing, using multi-layered, diferent sized filaments within the the brush strip which interweave and overlap. The fibres are cantilevered, so forcing them to close There are over 3000 filaments per cross sectional inch All metal components within the grommets are anodized to resist corrosion. Units are easily installed. Half of the unit is stuck to the floor tile using a double-sided adhesive seal, which provides a strong bond and prevents the grommet from coming loose. The other half has a single-sided adhesive seal which prevents air escaping. this half can be removed to allow access to the cables. Dimensions: Overall dimensions are 279mm x 209mm x 29mm Usable cable opening of 203mm x 102mm Seal openings up to 254mm x 178mm


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