TREND Networks Overview

TREND Networks specialises in user-friendly solutions which help technicians across the globe to install and test networks, data cable, Ethernet, CCTV installations, PROFINET, PoE and more. 

A varied choice of innovative and intuitive handheld testers ensure that jobs are both productive and profitable, with Proof of Performance integral to design. Copper and fiber testers verify and certify data cable, network testers pinpoint and solve networking issues, and specialist tools make it simpler than ever to install and maintain Ethernet devices and cabling. 

Whenever and wherever needed, expert support and leading technologies come together to help keep downtime to a minimum. The innovative AnyWARE Cloud platform assists users further, enabling better test data management and new options for real-time, remote support. 

With greater connectivity, enhanced collaboration and a growing range of testers, TREND Networks is dedicated to meeting the changing needs of the industry both today, and in the future.

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Copper Data Cable Testers

Fibre Data Cable Testers

CCTV and Industrial Network Testers