How GOP boxes Help you to Keep Planning, Installation, and Costs under Control

The GOP box (grid outlet position box) was created to make the job of a planner and installer easier. This expertly designed product is suitable for use virtually anywhere. For example, connecting workstations, integrating into conference tables, or mounting on the wall or ceiling. The GOP box is particularly suitable for tight spots, such as in raised floors with very little vertical space.

Nobody wants to see delays to a project, which can lead to stress, sometimes effect job quality and ultimately impact costs. The GOP box is designed to allow many jobs to be carried out beforehand, even before the installer reaches the building site.

The pre-installed boxes have already been tested for compliance with common values, obviating the need for a standard value test on-site, which saves even more time. The base plate can also be pre-mounted in its intended location. The GOP boxes then need to be snapped into place.

Pre-assembly reduces your installation time to the bare minimum enabling all work to be precisely planned. It is also quick and easy to expand existing installations. The boxes mounted on base plates can be snapped out and added to or replaced with a new, ready-prepared GOP box

GOP boxes are quick and easy to install, no matter where you want them to go. There is usually not a lot of space in raised floors. A simple, quick, and safe installation process makes the installer's job easier. The GOP box is designed to be snapped onto a pre-mounted and labelled base plate without the need for specialised tools. Improved safety and time savings are experienced this way.

In easily accessible locations, the GOP box can be mounted permanently with four screws, directly onto the wall or ceiling. If access is more complicated or there is not a lot of space, permanently installing a mounting plate is the better option. Modifications can then be made quickly and easily.

The GOP box can also be installed at workstations or in meeting rooms. The GOP box can be fastened directly to the tabletop, depending on the table's construction. Another option is to mount the prefabricated aluminium base plate on a table leg or the tabletop. The GOP box is then snapped into place on the plate without using any tools. 
The GOP box can be put together to suit the location where it is being installed (table, wall, or ceiling).  Different services can be clearly labelled in the spacious area for markings. This makes labelling quick and easy, as well as clear and unmistakable.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Even in small spaces, experience a virtually unlimited range of applications
  • Reduce installation time to a minimum with pre-assembly 
  • Save time on site by testing the standard values before installation 
  • Due to the easy click function, reliable plans, changes, and expansions can be implemented quickly, easily, and safely. You can avoid stress, quality issues, and additional costs. 
  • Plenty of room for labels ensures clarity and safety.

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