EnGenius Overview

EnGenius is a worldwide leading manufacturer of innovative network solutions. Founded in 2006, the Taiwanese company now has numerous subsidiaries on almost every continent. EnGenius offers complete wireless and wired solutions including the latest technology WiFi6 access points, mesh access points, and Ethernet switches for both indoor and outdoor deployment. The B2B solutions are used worldwide by department stores, cafés, airports, hotels, hospitals, event locations, resorts, museums, and many other applications. 

With the newest addition to the company's ever-growing portfolio of networking solutions, their AI-driven Cloud solution brings a new way to visualise wireless networks with advanced management features and future proof hardware.  Their new secure serverless cloud infrastructure and line of Wi-Fi 6 access points and cloud switches bring a competitive cloud managed solution to market that offers reliability, scalability, and affordability that the SMB market has been missing.

EnGenius Networks mission is to deliver best-in-class data solutions that enhance productivity and embrace simplicity. EnGenius believe connectivity should come with a promise of reliability, rich features and personalised service while maintaining affordability. 

EnGenius Cloud

EnGenius Cloud is built on top of the most advanced cloud computing technology. Scalable and AI-ready, the robust and dynamic cloud computing infrastructure helps you work smart on your network with important analytics and visualisation tools.

Why EnGenius Cloud

  • Resolve Pain Points of Traditional Networks
  • Easily Manage Multiple Sites
  • No need for costly site visits or onsite support
  • Precise Troubleshooting with Graphical Tools
  • Provides real-time & historical visibility of network devices
  • Remotely Manage Device Firmware
  • Coordinate repetitive updates with scheduled maintenance
  • Simultaneous Updates for Distributed Devices
  • Save time and avoid downtime & risk

Work Smart with EnGenius Cloud

Experience unprecedented ease and efficiency in network management. From deployment to monitoring and troubleshooting, the end-to-end Cloud Solution helps you achieve more

Deploy and Monitor Your Networks with EnGenius Cloud App

Easy device deployment, visualised monitoring, and alerts for abnormal network activity available within an intuitive mobile app.

If you would like to know more about the EnGenius product range or need help with product selection and/or system design, our WiFi specialist Tony Fossella can help you. Email tony@cmwltd.co.uk.


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EnGenius Certified Partner Training

As part of the EnGenius Partner Program, EnGenius offers a training program to help its partners get familiar with the WiFi technologies, the solutions and products offered by EnGenius.

EnGenius offers this information to give installers more tools in hand, to plan, deploy and sell EnGenius solutions. As you are updated with the information provided, you will have a good understanding of the products that are offered by EnGenius.

The training consists of various elements:

Presentations for self-study, archived webinars to follow, installation guides to read through and some documents for additional information.

You can do the study at your own time, whenever you are available.

The training will be completed with an examination form that needs to be sent to training@engeniusnetworks.eu .

The examination consists out of 40 questions based on information in the material. To be certified 30 questions need to be correct. When the required score is achieved, you will be upgraded to EnGenius Certified Partner and will have more benefits in the partner program.

The certification will be valid for one year. To maintain your certified partner level, you need to participate upcoming new webinars and trainings that are required.

Find out more about EnGenius training courses, email the team on tony@cmwltd.co.uk